27-inch iMac gets delayed shipping dates but why?


If you are looking to buy the new 27-inch iMac then you may be out of luck, because this is Apple’s latest hard-to-find product, so hard to find that shipping on new orders have been delayed by two weeks. Now one would think that this would be good news for Apple, this article will show that it really depends on who you ask.

Apple launched the 27-inch iMac in October, when it overhauled its all-in-one line with new sizes and better specs. Last week, the company delayed shipments by two weeks. Computerworld reports that other retailers have followed suit. Mac Connection, Amazon.com and ClubMac.com are among the authorized Apple resellers that won’t have the 27-inch iMac in time for Christmas.

While Apple says that the delays on this unit is due to high demand for the all-in-one desktop computer, which is also Apple’s largest model yet. “The new iMac has been a huge hit and we’re working hard to fulfill orders as quickly as possible,” Apple’s official statement says. “We apologize for any inconvenience or delay in delivery this may cause our customers.”

However if you listen to the online chatter on different user forums, then the issues actually lie elsewhere, people have been reporting about cracked screens as well as flickering displays. Of course Apple are sparse with details about these problems, however some experts are now saying the underlying reason for these issues all relate to ATI’s graphics cards.

If you absolutely must have the iMac by then, MacMall’s Web site says the iMac “usually ships within 5 to 7 business days,” and New York retailer B&H has the quad-core 27-inch iMac in stock. However we would really recommend, that you wait a few weeks if possible and then hopefully Apple will have fixed these issues.


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