Apple updates the iTunes App Store

Apple updated the look of their App Store individual app pages, which brings it in line with the rest of the iTunes 9 design, which was revealed a few months ago. The changes will be of primary interest to App Store developers who rely on the App Store pages to drive sales.

Changes include:

Much larger icon is shown
The larger icons mean developers will now have to think more about the icons and not just throw something together in a matter of minutes.

Multiple screenshots are more obvious to viewer
The layout of the screenshots will make them easier on the eyes for the users.

App description is truncated to the first 2 lines by default.
Of course the users can expand to see the rest of the description, however it is estimated that 80% will not use this feature, which means the developers need to be on point with their description and not ramble on for ages and ages about how awesome their program is.

More apps by the same developer are listed automatically
This is a great idea because often if you like one program by developer you might be more interested in seeing what else they have created without having to search through the whole store.


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