Steve Jobs among candidates for TIMES “Person of the Year 2009”

Steve Jobs

Time magazine’s finalists for Person of the Year 2009 now include Apple’s iconic CEO, Mr. Steve Jobs, who won Fortune’s CEO of the Decade title earlier this year. Jobs is the single business leader on this year’s Time list. which includes

The full list of 2009 Candidates includes:

Angela Merkel

Barack Obama

Ben Bernanke

Somali Pirates

Stanley McChrystal

Iran Protesters

Olympia Snowe

Steve Jobs

Timothy Geithner

Usain Bolt

According to times there are both pros and cons of each candidate, below you can see the pros and cons for Mr. Jobs:

Pros: Named CEO of the Decade by Fortune in November, Jobs has continued to show the rest of the consumer technology world how it’s done. His iPhone App Store surpassed 1 billion downloads, proving that people will still pay for certain kinds of content, and a new version of the iPhone and its software kept improving on the original.

Cons: Jobs spent the first six months of the year away from the daily management of Apple to deal with his health problems, including undergoing a successful liver transplant. While consumers continue to snap up the iPhone and its apps, more and more customers in major cities are griping about the poor wireless coverage that comes with it from AT&T. What’s more, new rival smartphones like the Google Android devices and Palm Pre have started to give discerning techies a reason to at least consider switching from the iPhone.

Our views: While we think Steve Jobs has done a lot for Apple in the past, we are just not sure if he has really been present enough during 2009 to deserve this award. Somehow to us it seems as if there are others on that list who deserve to win the “Person of the Year” award more. But we will have to wait until Times actually releases the list to see who won.


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