Jobs is the best performing CEO in the world!


Steve Jobs just keeps getting awards, and now he can add another award to put on the mantle. Jobs was chosen as the best performing CEO in the world by none other than the Harvard Business Review. They cite AAPL’s “whopping 3,188% industry-adjusted return (34% compounded annually)” and the fact that under Jobs oversight, the company has experienced an increased market value of $150 billion(Thats Billion).

increase after steve Jobs
Apple’s stock price since Steve Jobs became “interim CEO” (chart: Yahoo Finance)

Of course we already knew that Jobs is a kick-ass CEO, and that Apple is really the company they are today because of him and his work. While some people might be surprised with the decision of Harvard Business Review to pick Jobs as the best CEO, HBS states that “they didn’t want to just choose most-admired or highest-paid CEOs, but rather individuals who’ve really driven a company forward over their entire tenure in the position.” So with that explanation in mind, it really can’t come as a surprise to anyone that Steve Jobs graces the top of that list, lets not fool ourselves he is amazing!

So from TheMacUrl we congratulate you on your recent success.


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