Judge dismisses suit against Apple over defective screens!

At the same time that Apple released a firmware update to fix graphical glitches on its new 27-inch iMac, a federal judge has just dismissed a class action lawsuit over display issues stemming back to 2006 hardware.

Plaintiff Aram Hovsepian who filed the class-action suit demanded $5 million for himself and others who felt they were in a similarly situation. The original complaint was issued on Dec. 31, 2008, and saw Hovsepian including all people who purchased an iMac computer in the U.S.

However last week, Judge Jeremy Fogel of a federal court in San Jose, Calif., dismissed the complaint. Because as he states it, the class action was way too broadly defined, and also included people who have never had any issues with their screens.

According to the lawsuit Hovsepian, a Florida resident, purchased his iMac G5 from Apple in October 2006. Then began noticing vertical lines on his display screen in March 2008, which he claims, eventually progressed to the point that the screen was unusable.

Court documents state that according to Hovsepian, “Apple knew of or recklessly ignored the existence of the defect that caused premature failure of the display screens”and failed to take actions.

While some reports over the past couple of weeks have suggested that the lawsuit was related to the new big 27-inch screens court documents show the two are totally unrelated!

As we have posted earlier, many orders for the new iMac were delayed past Christmas. While Apple acknowledged the delays, they say the great demand for the new hardware, is the reason however fail to comment on the reported display issues.


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