Where to follow the Apple event LIVE!!!!!!

Today as you know is Apple’s Press Event and will there be a number of websites offering live coverage from the event. We thought that we would list a few of those websites attending the conference just in case the one that you are on goes down for some reason.

The first of the websites is Ars Technica, the team will be blogging from the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco. They will keep you informed with up to the second coverage along with a roundup after the event has finished.

The second website is Gizmodo, they just ask that you check back at the correct time for their liveblog of the event. Check what time the event is on in your country by visiting our recent post.

ZD Net is another website offering live coverage of the Apple event. In the build up they have asked their readers a number of questions, such as “What will the name of Apple’s rumored tablet device be?” and “When will the Apple tablet actually ship to customers?”

The most popular website at the event has to be Engadget, they will tell us how it is in a language that we all understand. Check back when the event kicks off, we wonder what SteveJobs has in store for us?


One comment on “Where to follow the Apple event LIVE!!!!!!

  1. This blog is looking really good, the information is solid. I get discouraged at times until I come across one like this! 🙂

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