Apple releases Aperture 3.

It certainly caused a lot of excitement when the Apple web store went down this morning. No, it wasn’t an updated MacBook Pro line but Aperture 3, Apple’s high-end photo editing and image management software.

The latest version is U.S. $199.00, and upgrades are available for any existing Aperture users for $99.00.

Apple says Aperture 3 has “more than 200 new features“, including Faces and Places, which has been brought over from iPhoto ’09. Aperture 3 also adds nondestructive brushes, which allows you to paint effects onto certain parts of an image. If you wanted to add polarization to the sky of a photo, you could choose that effect, adjust the size of a brush, and paint the effect on the sky.

Furthermore, Aperture 3 offers a new full-screen view, which will allow the users to work on projects, thumbnails, and even the Browser in full-screen view.


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