iPhone users download the most mobile apps by far!

In the recently released report “State of Mobile Apps,” Nielsen write that more and more people are switching to smartphones in order to use the apps that these offer, and that Apple leads the pack of apps. The company surveyed more than 4,000 people on the US, and found that “21% of US wireless subscribers had a smartphone by the end of 2009, up from just 14% a year ago.

Of the 4200 cellphone users who were surveyed, 14% of all users had downloaded some form of mobile app within the past month. Those who had smartphones such as the iPhone however were reporting much higher numbers, they averaged 22 apps, compared to 10 for those with “normal” phones.

The research showed that, users with iPhone reported an average of 37 apps,which in total was the same as the number of apps on BlackBerry (10), Palm (14), and Windows Mobile (13) users’ phones combined, and still much higher than the 22 apps that Android users claimed to have downloaded.

As the graph below shows, games played a large part of apps users were downloading, with 65%, of the surveyed answering they had downloaded a game, more than 50%  said they had downloaded social networking, news and weather, and maps or navigation apps within the past month.


According to Nielsen, there are differences in which apps are being downloaded by which smartphone owner: iPhone users frequently used iPod and iTunes, while BlackBerry users were unique in accessing ESPN and Android users were using Google Search. Furthermore Nielsen predicts that smartphones will take over the market for simpler feature phones next year, which means that the popularity of mobile apps will only continue to grow in the next few years.

(Article source: Appleinsider.com)


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