Will MobileMe be free in the future?


According to several online news sites, a number of MobileMe users are noticing changes in their MobileMe account status. Could this be suggesting that Apple may have plans of changing the way MobileMe works in the future, currently users are paying $99/yr. for Apple’s service and syncing software.

While previous MobileMe account types were either “Trial”, “Individual”, or “Family Pack”, some MobileMe subscribers are stating that their account settings had changed on Friday morning to “Full Member.” While you could argue that this is just a new and perhaps easier way for Apple to distinguish between paying members and users with trial accounts, you would also argue that the timing is particularly curious given that WWDC is set to start tomorrow.

Since we know that Apple isn’t known as a company which gives away the goods at no charge, we still feel that even if they just decreased the price a little then the MobileMe service would be an unbelievably attractive selling point for the iPhone.

As Matt from Gizmodo explained, “MobileMe’s services aren’t really a luxury anymore, and users are increasingly growing to expect that type of seamless, automatic syncing on their devices.” We are keeping our fingers crossed that Apple has the same idea as Matt, and will of course keep you up to date on any changes in the MobileMe world.

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