iMovie for the iPhone!


During the Apple Keynote just moments ago, Apple introduced the “new” iPhone 4 which introduces recording in HD format, of course you need an App for editing these videos if you don’t happen to have your mac with you, this is where the new iMovie for the iPhone enters the frame.

What’s iMovie for iPhone about? “Record HD video and edit with beautiful transitions and titles, all on the device you carry with you every day,” says Ubillos.

When you open the app,  you are greeted with a list of all the project you have, and can just tap on a project to get into the editing environment. When you rotate the phone horizontally, clips can be viewed at the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, you can add photos, as well as transitions which according to the demonstration are entered with a scroll box and even titles.

Of course you can’t expect Final Cut Pro editing, but for the basic fast editing on the fly, this app should be more than enough.  You’re able to combine various clips, add music, photos, titles and transitions as well as basic effects.  The videos can then be exported in 360p, 540p and 720p.

Right now the app will cost $4.99 from the App Store.



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