iPad to outgrow netbooks market share by 2012.


It didn’t take long after the first presentation of the iPad for people to start discussing whether or not the iPad was a competitor to the hugely popular netbooks, many argued that it would never be a “real” competitor, however according to Morgan Stanley, the iPad is on the right track to do exactly that, according to Katy Huberty, an analyst for Morgan Stanley, the iPad is on track to outsell netbooks in its first year of release. She states that Apple could sell 16 to 18 million iPads in the first year alone.

Furthermore, Huberty found that the iPad may have actually shrunk the netbook market by 13% compared to April last year. She also believes that by 2012 the tablet device might surpass the netbook market share.

Huberty didn’t elaborate on any international iPad tracks, but most would guess that the numbers look similar on these markets.