iBroken glass? The iPhone 4 isn’t unbreakable.

The iPhone has only just been introduced, and already some have been broken. Repair technicians at iFixYouri who have tested the durability of the iPhone are reporting that “the glass in the iPhone 4 may be more prone to breaking than its predecessors.”  iFixYouri dropped the iPhone 4, from 3.5 feet, they repeated this step until the third drop eventually caused the entire front surface to crack and damage the device’s external chassis. According to the site the problem lies in the placement of the glass.

It’s not surprising that Apple will release their  own protective case “bumper”. The problem is that since the new iPhone has glass on both sides, they are much more susceptible to breaking. Now you will have to consider exactly where you are putting your phone down or you will run the risk of scratching both sides.

First Broken iPhone 4 Screen


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