Apple releases Apple Store app.

As rumored, Apple has released  an official app which will help customers looking to buy products from the Apple Store. The app which is called “App Store,” lets users shop the full line of products available at The Apple Store.

Other features of the new Apple app:

  • See new and featured products from Apple.
  • Shop the full selection of products available from the Apple Online Store.
  • Find the latest accessories and software.
  • Read customer reviews and get answers to product questions.
  • Buy or reserve a new iPhone with just a few taps.
  • Locate any Apple Retail Store in the world, instantly.
  • Make Personal Shopping, Genius Bar, and One to One appointments.
  • Sign up for workshops and events at your favorite Apple Retail Store.

The Apple Store for iPhone is free and already available through iTunes. According to the iTunes description all you need to do is “Tap the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPod touch, and you can do all things Apple.”


Well it seems as if the Apple store was after all down for a reason other than preparing for the iPhone 4 pre-orders. Apple has updated their Mac Mini line.

While it still seems as if it runs a Core2Duo processor, it does appear as if the graphic card has been updated. We will keep you informed as we discover more differences. In the mean time check out the Apple Store

It seems as if the new mac, actually has HDMI, even though many (us included) argued it would be a long time before this would happen. Now There’s also a built-in SD card slot, this is great news for many photographers. Furthermore the power supply is built in. So there’s no bulky brick anymore!

Apple online store is down!

Once again the online  Apple Store appears to be down, clicking refresh, yeah its still down.  Since the store is down overnight on a weekday, that’s a pretty good indicator that it’s not just down for maintenance. Many are guessing that the store is down in order to prepare for the start of the  iPhone 4 pre-orders which are set to take place sometime today.  What doesn’t make sense however is that even the international stores are down, even the ones who are not expecting the iPhone pre-orders today, could this indicate a much bigger update???

We will keep you updated if anything changes.