Apple currently shipping 1.2 Million iPads every month!

According to sources Apple is currently shipping 1.2 million iPads per month and might just reach numbers around 2.5 million per month by the end of the year. Manufacturers have begun shipping large quantities of the parts needed for the iPad. According to rumors, Samsung Electronics who are manufacturing the touch panel for the iPad will be shipping between 300,000 to 500,000 such panels per month starting from July.

Apparently the production and shipping of iPads has steadily increased since the launch of the product. While many believe that the iPad’s quick availability internationally has helped early sales, the introduction of iOS4 with multitasking later this summer is likely to propel sales even more.

iPhone delayed in Canada….

canada(Image courtesy 9to5Mac)

It seems as if Canadians will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the new iPhone 4, first they were supposed to receive it at the same time as the US, then they were supposed to receive it during July, along with several other international countries. now however according to rumors the iPhone 4 has been delayed in Canada until further notice.

According to 9to5Mac  Apple’s iPhone 4 store page in Canada has made a change, and not one for the better. It now appears that even though Canada is one of the countries who were supposed to get the iPhone in July, their Apple Store now says  “Coming Soon” — which is not likely to give Canadians already chafed at being bumped into July to begin with much comfort.

A delay shouldn’t really come as a shocker — the iPad received a similar international delay by 30 days when the initial U.S. sales surprised even Apple. Given the insanity over Tuesday’s iPhone 4 pre-orders and the fact that new U.S. orders for the device won’t ship until July 14 at the earliest, we fear that our Canadian friends should brace themselves for more bad news.

What could this mean for the other European countries that are still waiting, some countries are not supposed to get the iPhone until September, will they also see delays, what do you think?