Mobile me gets many interesting updates…

As many users of MobileMe will have noticed a lot of exciting new things have happened over the past few days. Perhaps the biggest change/update is that the Mail web application is now out of beta and includes improvements such as:

  • Widescreen and compact views.
  • Rules to keep your email organized everywhere.
  • Single-click archiving.
  • Formatting toolbar.
  • Faster performance.
  • Increased security with SSL.
  • Support for external email addresses.
  • Improved junk mail filtering.

As we mentioned in an earlier post Apple also released a Find My iPhone app that now provides you with quick and easy access to the Find My iPhone service from all devices running iOS.

One comment on “Mobile me gets many interesting updates…

  1. your mac url is awesome! i love getting your emails and learning new stuff about apple all the time.
    keep up the good writing.. its really good and inspirational.

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