iOS4 update for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch.

Apple will release iOS 4 later during the day for owners of the iPhones 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch so if you haven’t pre-ordered the new iPhone 4, then you can still supercharge your old iPhone with new tricks until your next upgrade.
While Apple hasn’t released the exact time when they will open for the downloads, previous experience indicated that the new OS should become available sometime after 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific, however you will need to be patient as millions of iPhone and iPod Touch owners are anticipating this download, and the servers might become overloaded.

Some of the new features to be included in iOS 4 will be:



Smart Folders

This is probably the most anticipated update next to multitasking. The folders feature in iOS 4 will help you de-clutter your home screen, by letting you compile different apps on the same location, right now however it seems as if you can only have 12 apps in each folder.

Wallpapers everywhere
Secondly, and also very popular finally you will be able to set your own wallpaper/background image, similarly to the iPad, you can now set different images for the lock, as well as for the home screen so far however you can only have one image on the home screen.

E-mail improvements
When you open the Mail app you will quickly notice that you can now use multiple email accounts, in other words incoming e-mails from different accounts can all be seen on the iPhone without having to log out and then back in.

So far the iPhone OS has included predictive typing, in other words if you started spelling a word then it would try to guess what you were writing, based on past experiences as well as pre-installed most typical words. Now however misspelled words will be underlines with a jagged red line, and when tapped correction suggestions will be displayed.

Orientation lock
Personally this next update makes me very happy, the fact that the iPhone screen won’t annoyingly rotate anymore. I like to read the news in the morning while lying in bed, however currently the screen always rotates whenever I turn, and after a while this becomes rather frustrating. The new OS brings a software orientation lock feature, which you can access by double tapping the Home button and then swipe to the left (the same way you access the iPod controls).

Bluetooth keyboards support
Once again this update will be of great interest to bloggers and writers, the new OS now enables you to use any compatible Bluetooth keyboard and type away long messages.

Five more noteworthy improvements:

• 5X digital zoom for the camera

• Tap-to-focus video

• Suggestion in Safari and universal search

• Birthday calendar

• Places and events in Photos app

To get the update, simply connect your device to iTunes and follow the steps. It’s free for both iPhone and iPod Touch users.


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