Can’t wait for the white iPhone 4? Just make your own!

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With the help of iFixit’s teardown guide, we decided to take the plunge with our steaming hot Chinese delivery — a white front cover (with a shiny proximity sensor area above the earpiece), a white back cover (with “XXXXX” marked as the model number, ergo a prototype), and a Retina Display unit. Alas, there weren’t any white buttons in stock at the time, but let’s pretend this black-and-white combo is the new cool. Read on to find out how the surgery went.

Replacing the back cover is hardly a challenge — just remove the two screws at the bottom and then slide the cover up, but to get to the front cover you’ll need to take out most of the components. We’ll be honest with you: dissecting a brand new toy isn’t exactly the most pleasant experience in the world. Even with a brilliant teardown guide, there’ll always be somewhere that requires super delicate fiddling. For instance, we struggled with removing the battery and the front cover due to some nasty double-sided tape, so we had to poke around extra carefully to avoid any damage. At one point, we spent about 20 minutes wondering why the logic board wouldn’t go back in, only to realize that a well-disguised screw was in the way. Other than that, we’d say this was a pretty straightforward mod (so long as you keep track of all your screws, of course).
Once fitted, we were saddened to find out that our white covers weren’t complete — the front one’s missing an earpiece grill, whereas the back cover lacks a lens cover and a LED diffuser. We did consider cannibalizing the original black covers, but the small parts needed were strongly glued on. Ah well, considering the mod’s in full working order (discounting the infamous antenna issue), we’ll make do with this and avoid touching the lens.

Want to try FaceTime, then call Apple.


So you have the awesome new iPhone 4 and want to try FaceTime, sounds great, except for the fact that none of your friends have the phone yet…There is a solution for that, Apple has provided a toll-free number for users to call and video chat with a company representative.

Last week Apple sent out e-mails to all new customers, letting them know that they could try out FaceTime by calling the toll-free 1-888-FACETIME (322-3846) number. The hotline is available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. CDT.

“Want to try FaceTime? Give us a call,” the note reads. “An Apple representative will show you the basics and a few advanced tips. Before you call, make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection.”

When you call Apple, you will first reach a representative who will ask you a few questions about which configuration you are running, and whether or not you are connected to Wi-Fi, after this has been completed, they will then engage in a FaceTime conversation, where they will give you an overview of the most basic features of FaceTime.

Right now you don’t need to make any changes in order to use FaceTime, furthermore you can use both the front or rear camera, since it runs over Wi-Fi you don’t need to worry about using up your cell minutes.