iMovie running on iPhone 3GS…

When Apple introduced iMovie for the iPhone we were told that it would only run on the iPhone 4 with iOS 4 installed. Now however Redmond Pie has posted avideo of iMovie running on the iPhone 3GS.

The site claims that the application runs “almost perfectly” on the iPhone 3GS, while other users have even been able to get it running on the older 3G version, though they did note some crashes. Since everyone thought that iMovie would utilize the higher RAM and faster processor of the iPhone 4, it is rather interesting to see the App working on the older devices. People are starting to speculate that the only reason why Apple told us we need the new iPhone 4 is that they want to force us into updating our phones.

According to David Romhan Torres all you need to do in order for the app to run on the older phones is to modify the info.plist file and change the Minimum system version to 3.0.0 and front-facing-camera to false. Due to Apple regulations we can’t tell you more specifically how to do this, but we are sure a quick google search will help you.


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