Mozilla sends Firefox Home for the iPhone to Apple for Approval.

We were wondering when Mozilla would release an app for the iPhone population, and finally here it is, the people behind firefox have just announced the release of their first official app and here it is Firefox Home, has just been sent off to the App Store for approval.

Unlike Opera Mozilla hasn’t released a browser, instead Firefox Home allows iPhone users to always have access to their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks and open tabs, as well as access to their “Awesome Bar,” which allows them to browse to a site with the minimum of typing fuss.

Since the new Firefox Home isn’t really an internet browser there really shouldn’t be any problems with the approval process. If you’re a major Firefox user and you want to take your sessions — but not necessarily your browser on the road with you, then Firefox Home is just what you have been looking for.

As Firefox Home will shift your browsing sessions over to Safari, Apple can only be pleased with this app, even if there’s no escaping the fact that Firefox Home will still browse the web for you should you wish it.


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