How to connect USB drive to iPad

So far connecting a USB drive has only been possible if you jailbreak the iPad, now since we are not going to post anything on here about jail breaking the iPad here is a way you can transfer files from the USB drive to the iPad without jail breaking it first,

For this to work you will need the following:

– iPad Camera Connection Kit
– USB thumb drives

When you have both of the above, then this is what you need to do in order to import photos and videos onto your iPad.

1. take the thumb drive and create a folder on it named DCIM.
2. Next, copy the photos and video you want to import into the Photos app on your iPad into that particular folder.
3. Finally, plug the USB thumb drive into the Connection Kit.

If you do this correctly The iPad will recognize the thumb drive as if it were a camera and import the photos and videos.


5 comments on “How to connect USB drive to iPad

  1. Thank you for the work around on the whole jailbreak thing. I’m really not interested in that. I did everything the above article told me to do, but I get an error that says “The connected USB device requires too much power.” I’ve tried 2gb flash drives up to16gb flash drives, none work.Is there a work around for this as well.

  2. could you rename all your files .jpg and upload to your ipad then rename them once you have them there? Does it have a rename utility?

  3. I followed the steps you listed now my ipad says:
    Cannot use Device
    The connected USB device requires too much power

  4. I really feel the new iPad 3 will make good use of this as the new retina display will require a tonne of storagee to hold all those HD vids.

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