Getting Flash to work on the iPad…

We have been waiting for this news for a LONG time, but finally here it is, FLASH FOR THE iPAD, even though you will need to jailbreak your iPad in order for this to run, it sure does rock!

After having ported Flash for the iPhone, the guy who released the Spirit untethered jailbreak tool for the  iPhoneiPad and iPod touch has now managed to run “real” Flash content right on the jailbroken Apple iPad. He calls is Frash, and in essence it is nothing more than a port of Adobe Flash runtime for Android running on iPad using a compatibility layer.

Flash on iPad

We have added a video below to prove that this isn’t just some kind of hoax. The YouTube description of the video explains everything about the port as follows.

Frash is a port of the Adobe Flash runtime for Android to the iPhone, using a compatibility layer, by comex ( ). Frash can currently run most Flash programs natively in the MobileSafari browser. Frash currently only runs on the iPad, but support for other devices (3GS+ only due to technical restrictions) is planned, as well as support for iOS 4.

And here is the video of it in action..


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