How to connect Your iPad to Wireless Keyboards.

One of the reasons why I love using the iPad is the fact that you can connect to and use Bluetooth devices, such as keyboards and mice.

While the iPad does come with a built in keyboard that shows up on the screen as you enter input fields, however sometimes it is just nicer to use the more traditional keyboard, especially if you are writing longer texts, or need to get work done quickly. Therefore we think that if you really want to rely on the iPad for productivity then it would be a good idea to know how to connect an iPad to bluetooth keyboards.

How To Connect the iPad to a Wireless Keyboard

In order to connect the wireless keyboard you will need two things:

– iPad
– Wireless(Bluetooth) Keyboard

Connecting the iPad to bluetooth wireless keyboards is quick and easy:

Step 1)Turn on your iPad and navigate to the settings app on your iPad screen
In Settings select the General option

Step 2)In General you’ll notice the Bluetooth option. If it is off, tap the arrow next to the word “off”
Step 3)Slide the Off button on the Bluetooth setting to ON. This will tell the iPad to start looking for devices it can connect to.


Step 4)Now that you’ve turned bluetooth on for your iPad, be sure your bluetooth keyboard is set to discoverable mode. Your iPad will look for the device and should successfully connect

Step 5)On the keyboard, enter the number the iPad prompts for after the device has connected successfully

To test if you did everything correctly simply open the app you need to type quickly on and start typing away on your iPads bluetooth keyboard.


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