Ten One Design demonstrate the Pressure sensitive iPad stylus.

ipad pressure

As most of you will know the iPad screen doesn’t support pressure-sensitivity, what that means is that the screen only knows that your finger is touching the screen and then acts accordingly. This might change in the future, however until then the company Ten One Design has managed to build a private function call that allows a special pen to be used with varying degrees of pressure. When pressing down harder the line you draw gets darker and when pressing lightly the line is more faded.

The problem that the company faces is that they had to use a private function call in order to get the pressure reaction to work, what that means is that there is no way this program will be approved by Apple unless Apple decide to allow it in to iOS as standard, by adding it to their UIKit framework.

Ten One Design, the makers of capacitive styluses such as the Pogo Sketch, have released a demo video showing pressure sensitive drawing on the iPad. So take a few minutes and check out the video below that shows the app in action. It’s very impressive!

The demo uses a standard Pogo Sketch stylus and pulls additional data from the iPad’s touch screen to simulate pressure differences by measuring area of contact between the stylus and the iPad itself. They also incorporated palm rejection algorithms from their Inklet product to prevent detection of extraneous touches from your palm.


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