TOP 5 iPad accessories.


So you have finally bought the new iPad, it is about time to beef it up with some of the most awesome high-end accessories. Other than the official Apple releases there are several other accessories that you simply can’t ignore, this weeks TOP 5 list deals with the top iPad accessories.

5. Pogo Sketch

ipad pogo sketch

You simply can’t own the iPad without also owning the Pogo Sketch, the pen turns your iPad into a notepad for jotting down quick notes, or provides the ability for you to draw on the iPad like you would on a piece of paper. It has an aluminum base and can perfectly interact with iPad’s capacitive display. The Pogo Sketch costs $14.95.

4. Screen Care kit for iPad

ipad screen care

If you really care about your iPad then you will have to get this accessory, every iPad needs a screen protector, and this one even comes with a cleaning cloth for your iPad. The reusable cloth removes smudges dust and fingerprints without having to use any liquid. It currently costs  $24.99.

3. BookArc for iPad

bookarc ipad

If you are familiar with the BookArc for the Macbook Pro series, then you will love this new iPad stand. Twelve South has designed a sleek and simple BookArc for iPad for comfortable viewing. Very much like the larger MacBook version, the iPad BookArc is very stylish and will fit right in, whether you will use it in your office or at home. The iPad BookArc costs $39.99.

2. iPad camera connection kit

ipad camera

The Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit is really one of the best iPad accessories currently out there. The kit enables you to transfer JPEG and RAW images from your camera directly to your iPad. It includes a USB and SD connector, and currently has a price tag of $29.

1. Apple Wireless Keyboard and the dock

apple keyboard dock

Our number 1 iPad accessory this week is the wireless iPad keyboard. What makes it the best accessory is the fact that you can anywhere within 30 feet from your iPad. It currently costs $69 at the Apple Store. If you already own a wireless keyboard from apple however you can also pair this with your device, a HOW TO Guide can be found on this page.

3 comments on “TOP 5 iPad accessories.

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  2. I would really want to have that keyboard dock. Is that out in the market now? And also I am looking for a case with soft fabric. I hope you could help me on this. Thank you and more power to you!

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