How to get flash to work on the iPad

ipad no flash

As you might remember we recently posted an article about flash for the iPad. Now, Engadget has the download link to the first version of Frash (0.01) which allows you to play games and other Flash content on your jailbroken iPad, unfortunately however it currently doesn’t support video playback. According to sources however the developers are currently working on a future release.

If you are interested in installing Frash on the iPad then here is a quick guide.

You will need the following:
– Jailbroken iPad with Open SSH installed;
– The Frash .deb file. (24MB download);
– An app to access the iPad’s file system

Step 1)Once you’ve downloaded Frash, open the Media folder in /var/root. Go create one if it’s not there.
media root
Step 2) Inside Media, create a Cydia folder. Inside Cydia, create an AutoInstall folder.
Step 3) Copy the .deb file in there.


Watch out – you don’t want to screw up your iPad file system. Don’t mess with system folders and files you don’t know.

Step 4)Once you’ve uploaded Frash, reboot your iPad. You can easily do this using SBSettings, which you can download from Cydia.

Step 5)Once the iPad is rebooted, go open a page with some Flash content on it (but again, no video yet).

The F? means that flash is running on your iPad.

Step 6)To enable it (pretty much like ClickToFlash on Mac OS X) tap on it and Flash will load. Audio and video are in there, controls are pretty smooth and stable even though it’s a first release.

Of course as always we will keep you posted up to date on future updates with video playback support.

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