Doctors use iPhone 4 FaceTime for consulting with other doctors.

We have always thought the new FaceTime app for iPhone 4 is an amazing introduction, so far we have heard rumors that it might gain popularity in the video sex industry, now however there is a new group of potential users.

In what may be the first documented iPhone 4 medical video consultation, University of Arizona surgeon David G. Armstrong, connected via FaceTime with Los Angeles Surgeon Lee Rogers in order to allow him to have a look at one of his patients who had undergone foot reconstruction at the University’s Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA).

According to Armstrong the docs decided to use the iPhone since “the ability to communicate quickly with something that is an afterthought has the potential to alter how we work with our colleagues and patients”.

We think it is great that the iPhone 4 is “helping” people, we are sure that it will gain in popularity as the iPhone 4 becomes more popular. The fact that it allows everyone (including doctors) to communicate with anyone else anywhere on the planet.


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