Apple replaces faulty Time Capsules.

Apple Faulty Time Capsule

If you have an Apple Time Capsule which was manufactured between Feb and June 2008, then this post will be of special interest to you. Over the weekend Apple issued a statement regarding its Time Capsule backup solution. According to the statement a large number of them have been breaking well before they should.

A number of users have complained that after about 18 months or so, their Time Capsules go MIA. They either won’t power on, or they tend to shut down unexpectedly. Neither of those are actions you want to see with a backup strategy.

If your 2008 Time Capsule has been malfunctioning or simply acting weird lately then according to Apple you qualify for repair or replacement of the device, Apple also reported that they are refunding previous repair costs, if you have paid to have it fixed in the past. If your device has a serial number that falls in the range XX807XXXXXX to XX814XXXXXX, then it might be time for you to contact your nearest Apple store.