iPad OS Updated to 3.2.1


If you have connected your iPhone to iTunes today you will undoubtedly notice that there is an update waiting to be downloaded, however the iPhone isn’t the only Apple device to receive an update, the iPad OS has been updated to 3.2.1 and promises to improve Wi-Fi connectivity, amongst other things.

The fix comes after some users initially complained that the tablet from Apple struggled to find a Wi-Fi network around homes – in some cases even though the device was practically sitting on the hotspot.

Other smaller fixes include:

– Fixed an issue that could prevent copy and paste of single-page PDF attachments in Mail.
– Address an issue that could cause video playback to freeze.
– Improved reliability of video-out when using iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter.
– Added Bing as an option for Safari’s search field.

iPad users are being automatically prompted to update when they connect their device to iTunes on their Macs or Windows computers, or you can download the update directly from Apple here.


If you have jailbroken your iPad you might want to wait a little before updating.


Apple to hold emergency press conference tomorrow, July 16th!

apple campus

Well that was inevitable, Apple has announced an emergency press conference with a select group of journalists, the conference is to take place tomorrow, Friday July 16th, at 10 AM PST at the Apple campus in Cupertino.

We expect that the press conference will address the controversy surrounding the iPhone 4 antenna performance, which degrades if the phone is held in the so-called death grip.

As you may remember the discussion of the iPhone 4 reception issues really got heated last week as Consumer Reports gave the phone a very negative review. Furthermore the rumor mill kept spinning when it became apparent that Apple has been deleting threads on their Support Forum.

For now all we can do is hope that Apple will use the time tomorrow to answer some of the questions that many fans are asking. Of course we will keep you posted on where to follow the event live as well as any response Apple might have.