Apple has No plan to redesign iPhone 4


During the press Conference earlier today Apple had a Q&A session where they allow the journalists to ask any questions they might have, one of them was “whether or not Apple had any plans to redesign the iPhone 4” To which Steve Jobs replied that “that Apple is happy with the antenna design of the iPhone 4 and they won’t be redesigning it.”

He then added that the “iPhone 4… it’s better than 3gs in every way,” and that “Looking at the data, [they] don’t think [they] have a problem.”

Instead, he blames Apple accidentally painting a bullseye on the iPhone 4’s antenna design. “If we were to fault the iPhone 4, it’s that we waved a red flag in front of the bull by putting a “grip me here” mark on the iPhone 4,” by which he means the black lines marking the separation between antennas.


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