Apple will offer free bumpers to all iPhone 4 owners!

iphone bumpers

At the Apple press conference earlier today Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that after long investigations, of the signal problems with the iPhone 4, the company has decided to offer all iPhone owners a free bumper.

Steve said that they have spent a lot of time looking at the statistics from AppleCare, and have asked how many iPhone users really are experiencing the reception problems. You would expect with all the press that the numbers would be astronomical… But the actual number is……0.55% Just one half of one percent.”

However since Apple wants to keep all of their customers happy the have decided to offer the following support:

– Apple will provide all iPhone 4 customers who purchase their phones by September 30th a free case. Customers will be able to choose from Apple’s own bumpers, as well as third-party cases sourced from other vendors.

– Customers who have already purchased a bumper can receive a refund. Apple’s site will begin taking orders for the free cases beginning late next week, and the company will re-revaluate the case situation as it gets closer to the September deadline.

– Any customer who is still unhappy with their iPhone 4 can return it, provided it is undamaged, within 30 days of purchase with no restocking fee charged.

So there will be no iPhone recall, and Jobs didn’t really apologize either, he just maintained that the issue was one common to other mobile phones and as reported above according to their data, affects a very small percentage of iPhone 4 owners.


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