Where to follow the Apple Press Conference, July 16th 2010!


As we announced yesterday, Apple has called select journalists to an extraordinary press conference, we are expecting that they will talk about the problems with the iPhone 4 reception, however only time will tell.

The Apple Press Conference starts at 10am PST on July 16th. These sites have been known to live blog in the past, if you know any other just leave a comment!

1. GDGT Live Live link

2. Gizmodo Live Link

3. MacRumors Live Live Link

4. Engadget Live Link

5. ArsTechnica Live Link

6. The Apple Blog Live Link

These are the Times around the globe:

07:00AM – Hawaii

10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern

06:00PM – London
07:00PM – Paris
09:00PM – Moscow
02:00AM – Tokyo (July 17th)


2 comments on “Where to follow the Apple Press Conference, July 16th 2010!

  1. Its about time. I have been waiting for a solution that did not require me to spend my money to fix something that was not even my fault.

    I doubt that they will give us announce a free case as a solution later today but I pretty much know how things are going to happen tomorrow. I read an article at http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/ that spoke about it. You should check it out.

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