Consumer Reports still can’t recommend iPhone 4.

A few days back we reported that Consumer Reports couldn’t/wouldn’t recommend the purchase of the new iPhone 4 due to the issues with the antenna. Many people have speculated whether the hasty press conference was a specific response to the well-respected consumer advocacy site.

Well now the big question is did Steve Jobs manage to change Consumer Reports’ mind on the issue?

Not really While they do believe that Apple’s offer of free cases is a good first step, they still say that even with a free case, the iPhone 4 is a no-go to get a recommendation from the giant consumer testing firm. Last week CR created a furor when it said the iPhone was the best smart phone it had tested, but didn’t meet its standards for reception.

Consumer Reports write that they “look forward to a long-term fix from Apple. As things currently stand, the iPhone 4 is still not one of our Recommended models.”

What we find interesting is that the iPhone was the best smart phone they have tested, and yet they still wouldn’t recommend it, well the other phones they have tested must be crappy then? Right, but they still got a recommend stamp from the Tech Site, wonder how that works.