Apple releases Filemaker for iPhone and iPad.

If you frequently use FileMaker Pro databases on your desktop computer but have been frustrated that there’s no mobile solution, then this is going to be wonderful news for you, Apple subsidiary FileMaker, Inc. has just released both an iPhone and an iPad edition of FileMaker Go. This is the first time that the Filemaker database software hits the iOS devices, while FileMaker Go won’t replace your Mac when it comes to database creation, it is still an amazing way to work on the database on the go.

Filemaker Go allows users to update and modify existing databases on their iPhone or iPad after they have been created and designed through Filemaker Pro. You transfer them to your device through iTunes or email, or even access an existing database online by clicking on a web link. Of course, the FileMaker experience has been enhanced for the iPhone and iPad — both apps work in portrait and landscape views, automatically switching as necessary. You can pinch, swipe, rotate and zoom to manage your data as well as searching, modifying and sorting records.

Filemaker Go requires iOS 4.0 or higher on the iPhone FileMaker Go for iPhone and is available now for $19.99. Filemaker Go for iPad requires iOS 3.2 or higher FileMaker Go for iPadis available now for $29.99. will read database files as old as Filemaker 7.


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