Apple denies creating artificial product shortages!


Many people are starting to ponder whether the real reason behind the Apple product shortage is that Apple wants to create an artificial hype around their products. However according to Apple COO, Tim Cook, “Apple does not purposely create artificial product shortages to garner free press and generate hype among consumers”

“We do not purposely create a shortage for buzz,” Cook said, adding that all of the company’s suppliers are working hard to fulfill orders.

According to Cook, Apple has really been faced with a shortage of iPhone 4 units after its launch in late June, he adds that the company is selling every unit as soon as it is produced. The iPad on the other hand is a whole other story, the reason Apple had delivery issues there was that with the iPad they entered a “new product category where [they] were unsure how many they would sell.” Cook says Apple was simply caught off-guard by the demand for the iPad, having already sold 3 million devices since the launch 3 months ago.


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