iPad doesn’t follow normal product lifecycle!

Many products follow the product lifecycle and are initially accepted only by the early adopters and then slowly gain mainstream popularity, the Apple iPad however doesn’t seem to follow this pattern, according to Apple execs the iPad is a runaway hit and it’s going mainstream faster than anything they’ve seen before.

“It is not following a typical early adopter curve and taking a while to cross over into the mainstream,” said Apple COO Tim Cook during an analyst conference call. Cook confirmed Tuesday that Apple has sold 3.24 million iPads since its launch, at first they were caught off guard by the huge demand, and are working 24/7 to increase capacity.

Initially Apple thought that producing 1 million iPads a month sounded very optimistic, some analysts thought Apple might sell 1 million units in the whole year. Apple is investing enormous time and resources in increasing the iPad production in order to get it to as many people as possible.


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