Will Apple update iWork and iLife soon?

It has been quite a while since iWork last saw an update, which is why the following discovery seems very trustworthy. An Amazon shopper found an iLife ‘10 For Dummies book to be published on September 22nd in the French Amazon shop, could this hint at a new iWork release in the works?

As if that wasn’t enough earlier today an iWork 2010 guide called iWork ‘10: From Zero To Hero has popped up on Amazon Germany. Of course these are only speculations however with the books already being written can it really take that long before Apple makes it official.

In the past Apple has traditionally released updated versions of iLife and iWork at or around the same time, often at the end of the year, thus making it more and more likely that we can expect them by the fall. It’s been seventeen months since both iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 were released in January 2009.

When we hear anything final from Apple you will be the first to know, until then all we can do is speculate when Apple will release the long awaited update.

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