Apple named most valuable brand by Forbes

If you thought the problems with the antenna would cause cracks in the image of Apple then think again, Apple tops Forbes Most valuable brand list, beating rivals such as Google and Microsoft.

According to Forbes “This is a company that has faced setbacks before and bounced back to become the world’s most valuable brand–worth $57.4 billion”. In a list dominated by tech brands–Apple  passed  longtime nemesis Microsoft, worth $56.6 billion, and Google, which came in fifth on the list with a brand value of $39.7 billion. Steve Jobs’ creation is among a number of resilient brands, including corporate ones, that have thrived despite business troubles or setbacks.

Apple shows just how a brand can survive and thrive even when a parent company stumbles. Apple’s sales in the late 1990s plummeted 46% over a four-year stretch while the company lost money seven times over eight quarters. The stock was trading for less than $4 (split-adjusted) in 1997 before company cofounder Steve Jobs, who had been ousted, rejoined Apple.



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