EA releases Madden 2011 for iPad

If you are an NFL fan then you know what time of the year it is, the NFL season is just about to start, and the new Madden 2011 has just been released. For the first time EA has released an iPad version.

While the graphics are not quite comparable to the console versions, they still look pretty nice, and you also get the ability to draw out hot routes and use an adapted version of the GameFlow feature from the console versions. Plus, the iPad version is also getting multiplayer soon, as well as a “Vintage Voltage Football” mode, a Madden-style homage to the old electric football games.

Before you start drooling on your keyboard you need to know that the game’s not cheap — EA is going all out with a price for the iPad of $12.99. But this is EA’s most premium game on the iOS to date, as well as their perpetual moneymaker every year around this time, so if they’re going to try inching up the prices on their iOS titles, this would be the one to do it on.

As we have mentioned earlier EA often offers great sales prices, so we are hoping that in a month or two you’ll be able to pick it up for much cheaper.

We hope to have a much better review of the game during the next few weeks.


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