UK TV network enraged over rumors that Apple will rename the Apple TV to iTV

Apple TV

If you have followed the news about the redesign of the Apple TV these past couple of days, then you have most definitely heard the rumor that Apple is considering renaming the product to iTV. While this would make sense according to the Apple naming strategy, it has enraged the oldest commercial television network in the U.K ITV.

Even though the Apple iTV name is not official, reported on Friday that executives at the ITV network were “furious” and met with lawyers this week to “stop the move.” The network is reportedly looking to achieve a global ban, preventing Apple from using the name in any territory.

ITV is a public service network that serves as a competitor to the BBC. The station was launched in 1955. As we mentioned this is still just a rumor, Apple hasn’t even announced the alleged Apple TV redesign, let alone officially settled on a name.

The controversy at the ITV network erupted after reports surfaced earlier this week speculating that the next Apple TV will be renamed to iTV, and will run the iOS mobile operating system. The rumored device will allegedly have a targeted starting price of $99, and will stream 720p content to users’ HDTVs.


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