Apple releases Snow Leopard Graphics Update for Mac.

Tuesday afternoon Apple released a graphics update for Snow Leopard, the update is said to improve performance and reliability of popular titles like StarCraft II and Portal. Many might remember that Valve said in June that they were “working with Apple to improve the performance of games running in Mac OS X.” Furthermore they added that improved drivers from Apple would have the greatest impact on performance.

According to Apple, the software update contains performance and stability fixes for graphics applications, including fixes that:

– address frame rate issues occurring in Portal and Team Fortress 2 on certain Macs
– resolve an issue that could cause aperture 3 or StarCraft II to unexpectedly quit or become unresponsive.
– addresses framerate issues on the titles Portal and Team Fortress 2

The update also resolves an image corruption issue that may occur when disconnecting and reconnecting external displays while the system is running.

The 69.2MB update is available from the company’s support site, or via Software Update. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.4.


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