Flight Control HD already announced for the Mac App Store.

Since the announcement of the soon to be released “Mac App Store” we knew it wouldn’t take long before companies would start releasing info on future programs.

Now Australian game studio Firemint has already announced that they will be delivering their award-winning game Flight Control to the Mac.

They released the above screenshot which is said to be an actual screenshot of Flight Control HD running on a Mac. Flight Control is an original iOS game, which quickly gained imense popularity, selling millions of copies, and has since been ported to PlayStation Move and Nintendo DSi.

The move to the Mac is natural given the common development tools between iOS and Mac OS X development. Still, it marks the first announcement of what we expect to be many in the lead-up to the launch of the Mac App Store.

We look forward to writing the first review of the new game, and will keep you updated on any changes.


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