New Skype update not working on all Macs.

If you’re a regular user of Skype then you might want to wait with the latest update, as several Mac owners have reported problems, especially the owners of the new MacBook Air are having difficulties with getting Skype version 2.8.x to play nice with their brand new product.

While it is still uncertain exactly what is causing the problem, the symptoms seem to be the same on all devices. When you first open Skype, the login phase never fully resolves itself. Instead, users find themselves stuck staring at the login window until they quit the app.

The problem does not seem to be hardware related, since Skype works fine under Windows both through boot camp, as well as virtual machines such as Parallels and VMware, in other words so far it seems like this is a Mac-specific bug.

Luckily, the problem isn’t universal across all Skype for Mac builds: if you want working Skype on your Mac, the fix is as simple as rolling yourself back to Skype Let’s hope Skype or Apple gets to the bottom of this soon, we will definitely keep you updated on any changes or progress made.

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