Will Apple release iWork 11 with the Mac App Store

Most of us were hoping that Apple would have released an update to iWork alongside iLife at the “Back to the Mac” event, however as we all recall that didn’t happen. However several sites are now speculating that Apple is holding off on a release of iWork ’11 until the launch of the Mac App Store in January.

As you will remember we posted earlier that images shown during the event showed each iWork application available for individual purchase at US$19.99 on the Mac App Store. This would make sense since the iPad versions of Apple’s iWork apps are already available for $9.99 each on the App Store

Personally I would be perfectly content with this move, I use keynotes everyday for presentations, Pages a few times a week, but I hardly ever use Numbers, so I would consider if I really needed it. However $20 for an App I use often isn’t bad.

We will keep you up to date if we hear anything new about iWork!