Apple announces change in iTunes, what could they mean?


For once Apple has left the whole world wondering what the heck they are up to, if you load the official Apple website and you’ll see a new front page teaser.

“Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget,” the copyt reads, before telling visitors to check back tomorrow at 10AM EST / 7AM EST for an exciting new announcement pertaining to iTunes

We are all wondering what on earth Apple could possibly have planned.

Many have speculated that Apple will be announcing a new cloud-streaming iTunes, but you might remember that Steve Jobs said as recently as September that Apple was still wary of the cloud.

Stay tuned and come back tomorrow where we will tell you exactly what it was that Apple  announced.


Microsoft mocks Apple in new Ad

For years we have all laughed at Apple mocking Microsoft in their “I am a Mac” commercials, well Noe it is time for Microsoft to fire back. In order to promote entertainment on Windows 7 machines versus Mac machines through the support of Blu-Ray disks, the Redmond company created a commercial which shows a Mac and a PC on flight, watching Avatar on the PC’s screen.

We think that the idea is cute, and the movie sweet in a joking matter, much unlike the sometimes boring ads we have seen in the past from Microsoft, let us know what you think of the commercial below.