iOS 4.3 could be released as soon as December


The iOS 4.2 update has only been available for a few days, and speculations about iOS 4.3 are already making waves online. According to several sources, the only major new feature that is expected to debut is app subscriptions, which would allow recurring charges. This would address one of the biggest complaints raised by magazine publishers since the iPad launched last spring.

Furthermore 4.3 will reportedly also include the capability to automatically push out fresh content to tablets. A similar feature has been available on the Amazon Kindle since it launched. Unlike the text-only Kindle, however, iOS devices support media-heavy content, and the mythical Maiden, North Carolina data center may play a big part in delivering this content.

Among the first publications to take advantage of this new capability will probably be The Daily, the new tablet-only “newspaper” planned by News Corp. Apple and News Corp have reportedly been collaborating on the development of The Daily, which is expected to get its own event sometime in December.



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