Apple to update iBooks soon!

It has been a while since our favorite e-book reader has seen an update, however now the rumors are getting more and more intense. According to both a recent Steve Jobs Email and all of that is about to change.

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This would be the second sizable update to iBooks after enabling PDF-opening from the Mail app, the biggest feature is that iBooks will allow user created subfolders for organization purposes. As it currently stands, iBooks has two default collections, as it were. The buttons that switch from your PDF collection to your Books collection are apparently going to become a single one just named “Collections” (possibly with an overlay dropdown letting you choose which subfolder). Titles will be able to migrate from one collection to another.

Another new feature will allow for AirPrint which will allow you to get paper copies of your PDFs as well though this feature does not extend to EPUBs. PDFs will also have email capability, so if you’re somewhere without an AirPrint capable printer you can email the PDF to a desktop with a standard wired printer.

Now all we can do is wait and keep our fingers crossed that the next update will be noteworthy and awesome, but with Apple behind the release how can it not be amazing. What would you like to see in a new update, leave us a comment below.