Chinese MacBook Pro knockoff comes with Snow Leopard pre-installed

Fake Mac

In the past years we have seen numerous different Apple clones, some very well done, while others have been obvious fakes. Now Chinese knockoff maker DragonFly has just made their already shameless MacBook clone even more shameless.

The previous 14-inch netbook already looked so similar to the real deal that it could fool anyone not familiar with the exact look of the real Macbook Pro, to make it even harder to distinguish between the real and the fake, the company has even gone as far as replacing the original DragonFly logo with Apple’s own ( see image below)

Fake Mac

Unlike the previous versions, clones, DragonFly has made the effort and are now Hackintoshing the notebook in the factory to run Snow Leopard. They have even created a fake MagSafe charger!

While this would be totally unthinkable in the US, in China pirating and cloning products is a ver common business strategy, so we expect that they should be fine. Currently $436 will buy you one on the Beijing electronics blackmarket.

If you are interested in this clone, or simply want to check out their website then check the link here.

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