If the iPad was a company it would be on the fortune 500 list!

Wow that’s one interesting number, according to Steve Lohr at the New York Times Apple is more successful than ever. The once “60 days from bankruptcy” company now introduces products that are bigger, by themselves, than most companies could ever hope to be.

Take the iPad for instance, the latest Apple creation is on track to deliver almost $20 billion in revenues in its first year, that is better than some Fortune 500 companies.

“Apple has hit that magical combination of gradually shifting from a product to a platform strategy,” says Michael A. Cusumano, a professor at the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T.

According to Cusumano it starts with one product like you buy an iPhone and you want an iPad, and then you want a MacBook.  Then you want to buy your wife an iPod touch and your kid a nano and so on.

It will be interesting to see the development of the iPad, especially with the relase of th iPad2.


Apple and News Corp. announce February 2 event to unveil The Daily!

the daily

Last week Apple and News Corp. sent out invitations to a February 2 event where they will jointly unveil The Daily. According to the invitation, the press event will include News Corps. Chairman & CEO Rupert Murdoch and Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of Internet Services. During the press conference, it is expected that the duo will provide all the juicy details on the iPad-based newspaper and confirm the product’s 99-cent weekly pricing.

Furthermore attendees may also get a close-up look at the first application to use the long promised Apple subscription-based pricing and new delivery mechanism that sends content to your iOS device on a regular interval. Both of these features are expected to debut in the next version of iOS.

iFusion makes the iPhone stationary!


Were you one of those people that used to love playing around with the phone cord, or enjoyed holding the receiver in one hand, while holding the phone in the other, well then this device is the perfect companion for your iPhone.

Presented at the Macworld Expo this has a FULL DUPLEX and ERGONOMIC HANDSET DESIGN and BLUETOOTH that will supposedly make your iPhone calls BETTER. Weighing around 950g, the docking station further boasts of its 3.5mm stereo port for external speakers.

The new iFusion Smart Station docking station for iPhone carries a price tag of $169. Pre-orders are available now for shipping in April 2011.

Apple releases iTunes 10.1.2, adds CDMA iPhone Compatibility.


Earlier today Apple released iTunes 10.1.2, the update is required for iTunes to function with the new Verizon iPhone 4. The update also brings many important stability and performance enhancements. Apple’s cryptic release notes are stingy with details, saying:

“iTunes 10.1.2 provides a number of important stability and performance improvements. iTunes 10.1.2 syncs music, movies, and more with iPhone 4 (CDMA model) and provides a number of important stability and performance improvements.”

Those of you thinking of inviting a shiny new Verizon iPhone to your home next month will be ready to roll with this update (of course, everyone should nab the update). You’ll find it in Software Update now, or directly at Apple.com

Apple to update MacBook Pro in the near future?

Loads of rumors are floating around the web speculating whether Apple will update their MacBook Pro line anytime soon. According to a report by macrumors.com Amazon is increased estimated shipping time for several Macs from a few days to 1-2 months, other sources are confirming that Best Buy is also running low on MacBook Pro stock.

A new version of the MacBook Pro will almost certainly incorporate Intel’s Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, perhaps even an introduction of the SSD in the higher priced machines. Furthermore we are hoping the MBP might shed some weight and get a reduced size. While other rumors are stating that Apple might choose to get rid of the Optical Drive, we certainly hope they wont as some of us still use these on a regular basis.

The Apple Store is down!!!

Back soon

Well this is certainly interesting, the Apple Store is currently down, we can only speculate why this is, but what makes it more interesting is that it seems to be more than just the US store which is down, as other European sites seem to have been taken offline as well. Could this mean a new product launch????

We will keep you updated on any changes when the store comes back online.

Apple hires David Rice to head Global Security

Lately Apple has been focusing more and more on increasing the security of their products, the latest addition to their security crew is David Rice, executive director of the Monterey Group, Rice will be the global director of security. It’s the latest in a series of high-profile security hires for the company. Some of you may remember that Former Mozilla security chief Window Snyder was hired as a senior security product manger in March.

Rice graduate of the US Naval Academy and previously a ‘vulnerabilities analyst’ at the NSA and a cryptologist for the US Navy, might sound familiar to some of you, because he is the author of “Geekonomics,” a book about “the astonishing lack of consumer protection in the software market and how this impacts economic and national security.”

According to several rumors the reason behind Apples sudden interest in hiring security personnel is the growing popularity of the iOS devices with government officials and company executive officers.

USA Today App gets updated to 2.0

Even though there is an abundance of News Apps in the App store, we are still happy to see that theUSA Today App has been updated with amazing improvements to what we think was already a useful and easy to use app.

The updated Version 2.0 is still free, now includes a video player, furthermore they have updated the travel section with a map that displays major airport delays. The app supports multitasks in iOS 4.2.

USA today