Most popular posts of 2010!

Now that 2010 has come to an end it is time to take a look at the most popular posts of the previous year, we have had a lot of interesting Apple news to report, and these are the ones that got most views on the page!

1. iPad doesn’t follow normal product lifecycle


Many products follow the product lifecycle and are initially accepted only by the early adopters and then slowly gain mainstream popularity, the Apple iPad however doesn’t seem to follow this pattern, according to Apple execs the iPad is a runaway hit and it’s going mainstream faster than anything they’ve seen before.

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2. Connect Apple Wireless Keyboard with a Mac.

Set up

To set up the aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard, follow these steps:

You will need:

-Apple wireless Keyboard
– Mac with bluetooth option.

Install the batteries.

Use a coin to remove the battery compartment cover.

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3. iPad screen rotation lock becomes mute button with no option to change setting.

Back in January 2010 Apple announced that the hardware switch on the side of the iPad would be a mute switch, just like on the iPhone. Then, closer to the product’s launch in March of this year, Apple revealed that the mute-switch magically transformed into a very handy orientation-lock. Now with iOS 4.2 for iPad, Apple again transformed the hardware switch’s purpose and now it is once again a mute-switch. As we now know, you can lock the iPad’s screen orientation via a menu to the left of the multitasking dock.

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4. Israeli security shoots travellers Macbook Pro…

Lilly Sussman was on her way to Tel Aviv when she was pulled off to the side by airport security who thought she was suspicious. First they questioned her for a long time before finally hearing the gunshots followed by an announcement over the intercom first in Hebrew, then Arabic, then in English.  Lilly says “It was something along the lines of, Do not to be alarmed by gunshots because the Israeli security needs to blow up suspicious passenger luggage.”

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How to connect USB drive to iPad

So far connecting a USB drive has only been possible if you jailbreak the iPad, now since we are not going to post anything on here about jail breaking the iPad here is a way you can transfer files from the USB drive to the iPad without jail breaking it first.

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