Biggest Apple accomplishments of 2010

2010 was packed with Apple announcements, some planned and one unplanned. The iPad was revealed and released, the iPhone 4 was introduced, and all everyone talked about was air, the MacBook Air.


In 2010 the iPad was revealed, and everyone rejoiced except for the netbook industry that really felt the impact as Apple continued to eat into their market share. We are expecting to see more tablet releases during 2011, perhaps even with one from Apple, with a definite hardware and a rumored design update.

iPhone 4

We all knew the iPhone 4 was coming thanks to a forgetful Apple employee and some poorly executed shenanigans from Gizmodo. If only they had tested the antenna!

MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is aimed squarely at consumers, with the cheapest model entering the fray at a tempting $999. As a sexy consumer notebook, the Air has finally come into its own and will likely continue to make inroads in the sub-notebook market as prices drop and speeds increase.

iOS updated

iOS 4 in itself was a big deal. Finally iOS users who were able to upgrade their devices with custom wallpapers, backgrounds and do more useful things like access a unified inbox and multitask with apps.

What surprises does Apple have for us on the Macintosh side of the house? 2011 will be an interesting year (again) to watch!


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